Jean deNave Segal has been selling real estate since 1984 in all neighborhoods of Manhattan. Her experience spans more than two and half decades of market fluctuations and real estate expansion. The business of representing buyers and sellers during real estate transactions is serious and profits for sellers and attaining the right space for buyers requires skill and expertise. Knowing the market values, inventory of apartments in any given neighborhood, and general economic conditions is an invaluable asset to bring to bear on any transaction. Jean has the business expertise to put the deals together. A personal touch is also needed to help people achieve their goals as the business of real estate is not always just business. Real estate changes are often a result of major life changes. Understanding people?s needs, desires and perspective is important for the transition buyers and sellers experience. Investors looking for a good rate of return on properties in New York can look to Jean to find the right properties for investment income. While not always abundant, Jean keeps tabs on investment properties for many investors who are always looking to add property to their portfolio. Jean?s marketing strategy for properties under exclusive is designed to reach the widest possible audience, i.e. worldwide real estate customers. Never before has the importance of reaching a global audience been so important. The Corcoran Group offers an award winning website enhanced by exclusive affiliations with Google and more, to attract buyers to our site to see our exclusive listings. Once the buyers are browsing, properties must stand out with professional photographs, floor plans and professionally written descriptions with all key financial facts, neighborhood information and amenities. These descriptions are written with the key search words in mind to attract buyers who are searching for a New York apartment. Jean?s exclusive apartments are showcased in a way to maximize exposure. Relationships with the brokerage community are very important both for opening the right doors for buyers and for getting the best brokers into Jean?s exclusive apartments. In 24 years Jean has had the time to forge strong bonds with the community of brokers in Manhattan to enhance the real estate experience for the customers. Jean is a member of The Real Estate Board of New York and a member of The Multi-Million Dollar Club.

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